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Two years after the controversial appointment of Saudi Arabia to the U.N. Human Rights Council, leaked diplomatic cables have revealed the U.K. was a key player in the election of the Gulf State ─ despite the Saudis’ appalling human rights record. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) is tasked with the promotion and protection of human rights throughout the world.Human Rights Watch pushes for review of Australian WikiLeaks gag order.

International NGOs, the Arab Upheaval, and Human Rights

Terrorists for Human Rights. Al-Karama has also issued joint communiqués with Human Rights Watch,. A 2007 U.S. cable first disclosed by WikiLeaks described.

Human Rights in Indian occupied Kashmir: A lost cause?

At UN, US warns on human rights in Iran, Cuba, N Korea Nikki Haley mentioned cases of torture in Burundi and Myanmar's crackdown on ethnic Rohingyas as human rights.

War on whistleblowers to continue under President Trump and CIA. from ProPublica to Amnesty International to Human Rights Watch. The logic that WikiLeaks,.

Chelsea Manning Doesn't Erase Obama's Whistleblower Legacy

Freedom of the Press Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Human Rights Watch and 56 other human rights NGOs called upon U.S. Department of Justice to.

CCR to UN: Whistleblower Protections Must Include

Is WikiLeaks Release Brave Or Unethical?. WikiLeaks calls its public. WikiLeaks has gotten pushback from Human Rights Watch and the other.


Edward Snowden Statement On Asylum To Human Rights Groups

Human Rights Watch says,. the pattern of death squads targeting. "United States State Department cables released by WikiLeaks in 2011 noted the apparent.#Sweden, #Assange, Human Rights Watch, Get all the Latest news, Breaking headlines and Top stories, photos & video in real time about WikiLeaks.Exchange with Human Rights Watch on Wikileaks. By Joe. Given that the US government has threatened to prosecute Wikileaks,. Human Rights Watch has no.

The Well Respected UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Human Rights First, New York,. Human Rights Watch. United Nations Human Rights. Nonprofit Organization. Wikileaks. Media. Public Services in New York,.The ghosts of Machil. Meenakshi Ganguly of Human Rights Watch,. if any, human agents on the other side of the LOC.

OHCHR | Julian Assange arbitrarily detained by Sweden and

Glenn Beck is seen here on. I want to go over the WikiLeaks and last hour I. board member was a director of the China office of Human Rights Watch, which.Snowden, WikiLeaks praise Russia for granting asylum but human rights advocates warn the fugitive is now in a country intolerant of dissent.

Haiti WikiLeaks Sparks Political Furor and Elite Drama

Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir - HuffPost UK

Julian Assange Rape Inquiry Is Dropped but His Legal

Human Rights Watch. (2009) Human Rights Watch: Defending Human Rights Worldwide. [Archived Web Site] Retrieved from the Library of Congress, Line of Control (LOC) is a military control line between Indian and Pakistani-controlled parts of Kashmir. The line does not constitute a legally international boundary but it is a de facto border, designated in 1948 as a cease-fire line, it divided Kashmir into two parts and closed the Jehlum valley route, the only entrance of the Kashmir Valley.

This WikiLeaks document says Lebanon asked for Saudi

Two years after the controversial appointment of Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s leading human rights offenders, to the UN human rights council, Wikileaks cables.

Glenn Beck: Why this? Why now? Wiki-leaks explained…

The Well Respected UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is Leaving. policies,” says Philippe Bollopion of Human Rights Watch. (Wikileaks) Mark Leon.WikiLeaks tweeted the announcement saying he will agree to US prison despite its 'clear unlawfulness'. International Business Times. Rights Watch and other human.

OHCHR | Human Rights and anti-corruption

Via Wikileaks, he released a. Proverka means “audit” or “inspection” in Russian but, as Human Rights Watch says, in reality it is “more like a raid.”.US: WikiLeaks Publishers Should Not Face. Human Rights Watch is very concerned by private companies. WikiLeaks Publishers Should Not Face Prosecution.Kashmir: Human Rights Issues. The LOC distinguished two areas of Kashmir,. Human Rights Watch.

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